The PM Guest Posts on Woogsworld.

Seriously, you will never guess what popped into my inbox overnight?? (dirty thoughts aside people please!) A guest post from the Prime Minister! Holy crap.

I will write to Mr Abbott today and offer him the chance to guest post on WoogsWorld, but I expect he will say no, and no means no.

Tony Abbott is in my bad books this week. He has actually sparked a war of words with the ladies at the Dykes on Bikes after he refused to lead the group’s parade at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The Dykes on Bikes committee said they were shocked that Mr Abbott, a noted bicycle enthusiast, had refused to join in their celebration of two and four wheel riding.

“He has the lycra suit, which somewhat resembles the Gimp’s in Pulp Fiction, so we thought it would be a great partnership,” said a Dykes on Bike spokeswoman.

The group said it would now approach other cycling enthusiasts about the role, which would be discussed at their AGM, to be held in Clover Moore’s disused bike lane. Oh Tony for Shame!

Anyway…. Thanks Julia for your interest in my little patch of cyberspace. You earned your piece of real-estate here by substantially funding children with a hearing loss and increasing Early Intervention services if re-elected. Do not disappoint me Jules, or you will be put on my list.

First up I would like to thank Mrs Woog for the opportunity to Guest Post on WoogsWorld. I do not always agree with her, as her pearls of wisdom are not an special as my Paspaley Set, but I cannot help but like her. Plus I hear she drinks Vodka O, which is my personal favourite tipple. I like mine with neat with a sherry chaser.

I read your blog religiously, and it is currently the only religion I follow. Wayne Swan does not say much these days, but each morning as he brings me in my skim milk cappucino and raspberry friand, we discuss the goings on at Woogsworld and I believe, should we be re-elected, he will be seeking SawHoles assistance each Saturday, leading into the Federal Budget

I suppose it comes down to this. Do you want a Bloodnut or a Wingnut?

You see Mrs Woog, there is more that binds us than separates us. I believe that there is a red head in the Woog household with an irritating voice as well. I also understand that you lead a team of bitterly conflicting points of view. I think that you would agree, that dealing with your deputy can be peppered with ups and downs, and that occasionally you will be blindsided by the men in your party.

But some criticise my lifestyle choices. Quite often I am called barren and a spinster, but having read all the bitching and moaning on this blog by Mrs Woog, all I can say is who is the stupid one now? Who needs an investment banker, lawyer or brickie as a husband? No thank you. My partner is a hairdresser and gives a good blow job every morning, the type that you actually want.

Working together and moving forward is getting a bit dull. So Invite you to join our Karaoke Tour Bus as we hit the following venues over the next week or so.

You may have to squeeze yourself in between the journo’s, but my rendition of
It’s Gettin Hot In Here by Nelly should make for an entertaining ride.