A review by Mr Woog – under duress.

So it is safe to say that I am a product whore. I have written about my love for many products, such as Benefit, Trilogy, Uberkate, Vodka O, Baby Origami etc etc. As a result, I am often asked to review products on Woogsworld. Most of the time I do not, as I do not care to review Tena Pads, Deoderant, Tampons and Home Loans. I just flog stuff I love.

So I was a bit blown away to get this package. ADDRESSED TO MR WOOG!

Nivea for Men was interested in Mr Woog’s opinion on their new skincare range. Now Mr Woog DOES NOTHING ON WOOGSWORLD! His main involvement is to try and get me to change the name of my blog and worry about his clients reading it.

Mr Woog’s beauty regimen consists of washing his face with soap that may or may not contain a pubic hair, then that is it.

So I had to convince him to get on board with this review, as I was actually hoping he might start to take care of himself a bit more as he creeps towards 40. We went through all the products, and knowing him as I do, decided to start small with the Face Wash, Eye Roll and Double Action Balm. Watching him apply this balm for the first time was excruciating.

Anyway, cut to a week later and this morning he bought my cappucino to me in bed at 7.30 and asked me to feel his skin!!! RESULT! No world of a lie. It looked and felt great and the foul rash he used to get after shaving was gone – And he actually gave a shit!

If you want your partner to look as hot as Mr Woog – you can get more info in this range by clicking here – I WANT MY PARTNER TO LOOK LIKE MR WOOG.

And with our Father’s Day Uberkate Giveaway currently running, I have decided to add 3 Nivea For Men packs as runner up prizes!!. So if you have not already entered, Please click here! Seriously! Father’s Day Sorted.

Moving forward, I am interested in reviewing First Class Airline Services, Luxury Condos in Bora Bora, Nannying services and Restaurants. And of course wine.