What DIDN’T I do this weekend…….

Thanks to all the WoogWorldians who entered by Hoola Bronzer by Benefit giveaway! I had a good giggle at all the entries, but as usual had to take a backseat when choosing the 3 winners, as I think you are all winners in my eyes. And it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose hey! It is how you play the game. Do you still believe that rubbish!? I sure as shit do not…..

Anyway – I went to my old friend Random.Org who came up with the following winners!

Cupcakes Of Kensington, Maxabella and MMBB. You are going to look SWEET this summer in your glowiness. Email me your address to [email protected]. And I am giving a special extra prize to Lori at RRSHM who was the only person who thought I was giving away a holiday. Lori please send your size (S M L XL) to the same email address to get one of my HOT OF THE PRESS WoogsWorld t-shirts. Lucky Girl!

And a mega thanks to fabulous gals at Benefit for their generosity. I will bring you back a souvenir from Thailand. Please choose from the following plastic genuine fake handbags.

I am recovering from my lovely weekend. I actually did quite a bit.

I made my catwalk debut. I did a home facial. I read all of the papers. I had dinner with some friends. I drank some nice wine. I did my soft sand sprints. I mastered the final stage of Bonsai cutting and I reflected on the bad behaviour of Matthew Newton.

I ate a fair amount of crap. I learnt how do sigh-language with a pal on Skype whose speakers were broken. I read a funny blog by The NDM (who shall soon be appearing on WoogsWorld). I hosted a tea party for numerous bears with my son Jack. I made a lasagna. I ate a lasagna. I spent a lot on time washing up pots and pans. I watched an horrendous segment on 60 Minutes that will forever turn me off another visit with Dr Stretch.

I made some plunger coffee. I poured the plunger coffee down the sink. I accidentally wore double denim out to fetch another coffee. I ran into an old crush while wearing my Texas Tuxedo. I spent an hour going through my clothes and pulling out a lot of hideous things to take to Vinnies. I read the new In Style and realised I was without style. I read the new Real Living and realised my entire life was without style.

And now I wait for the return of Mr Woog and the Bigger Woogette from their boys weekend at the snow. And dream of where I will be in 5 weeks….. at a place that style forgot. Phuket.