Woog in Profile # 4

Mr Woog is still being very difficult. So today the only other option is the Guinea pig. Ok lets go.

The Guinea Pig was an unwelcome birthday gift for Harry back in February. We were very skeptical when it arrived unannounced. The cousins got it out to show Harry and it quickly escaped and ran under the house. At least Harry did not get too attached to it before it was destined to be eaten my any number of Burmese cats that live on my street.

As the grown-ups popped the champers, the kids assembled themselves and one by one, started crawling around under the house. I do not know how they managed, but they soon appeared at the backdoor triumphant, pig in hand.

The pig was christened XO. as in EX0, as in I have no fucking idea what it means unless it plans to get stir fried in xo sauce up at Lee’s Fortuna Court. But it was called XO and the name stuck.

XO is a boar, meaning yet another male for WoogsWorld. He likes shitting, eating and rooting, like most males. He has recently returned from 2 weeks in the country where he had his way with a mother/daughter combo. We are very excited to think there will be mini-xo’s running around. I actually received this email from him while he was there.

Hello. Remember me? Just wanted to check in and say hi. Thanks for sending me on a mini break in the western suburbs. It has been great even thought have to say my trip here in a shoe box was not a highlight.

I have met a couple of girls who have shown me quite a good time indeed. Mother and daughter no less. Quite the party girls but I have to say what happens in Windsor stays in Windsor.

There are new challenges and differences in quality of life here. No one has given me any shaved or julliet vegetables. I suspect they are scraps and off cuts. The cat does not admire me at all, but the dogs are spending lots of time smiling at me.

Anyway it’s been great, but it has been two weeks. Any chance of a lift home? Not that I am nervous but you did forget to pick up the dog and other cat from your in-laws. ( which was funny at the time ) I was also a present so it is a bit rude to leave me here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


XO the pig

XO spent Monday at Jack’s Daycare. They have a rabbit called Jasper and I always note at pet shops that the rabbits and Guinea pigs co-exist in harmony together. They were fine to begin with but an almighty row broke out and Karen the Teacher lifted Jasper out, with XO still attached. They are both fine, but XO was in the naughty box for the rest of his visit.

So we are now on pig-watch here. Looking forward to hearing the pitter patter of a thousand tiny little feet soon.
PS Mr Woog, you can run but you cannot hide. I will get you in the end.
  • My daughter wants one of these. We got a Burmese instead. Your pig seems to have more of a personality than I would have imagined.

    Can it sleep in bed with children and keep them warm (hence saving lots of money on heating) or does he have a cage?

  • Anonymous

    I really love reading your blog. It lightens up my day as it is mainly spent dealing with 3 children. Thanks Mrs Woog PS: Lee’s Fortuna Court is a family favourite…

  • We love Lee’s Fortuna Court – send him over.

    Did I say that?

    I’ve heard GPs get very lonely when there is just the one, so he probably enjoyed his visits with his fellow GP citizens. But beware.

    We babysat the neighbours 2 guinea pigs a month ago and within the week were babysitting 3 guinea pigs. The time before that we agreed to look after the 2 and then the night before they called to say ‘there are actually 5 GPs now, is that still okay?’

    Everytime we take on those GPs they get on it.

  • I always wanted a guinea pig as a pet when I was a kid and was never allowed. Then when I was 15, I discovered I was hideously allergic to the little buggers. Fun times.

  • Send him to Mounty County next time – It’s expected there for the men to root and run. XO, you’ll thank me later …

    We still have not worked out who the bastard male is amongst our 3 guinea pigs. No doubt, we will welcome our 3rd litter of baby pigs soon. Bastards.

  • Well now how is Mr. Woog going to top that? You see, the longer he waits, the tougher his act!

  • This is SO funny! I can just picture this lil guinea pig, he seems to have real character! More guinea pig escapades soon pls! Friends with children were talking the other day ’bout maybe getting a pig , and pig vs cat/dog as pets. I have 2 cats, but for little ones, a pig sounds good! I am going to promote the g.pig now!Hope he enjoys his next holiday! x

  • My daughter is desperate fro a guinea pig. She looked after one when her cousin was away and she was the only one that the pig would go to. She thinks she’s the Pig Whisperer.

    What I’m saying is that if XO gives you anymore trouble I can send her over.

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  • so cute…I am on pig watch with you too. All our goldfish just died so I need to focus on someone else’s pet for a while – and this is perfect cos I don’t even have to mop up his poo

    I gave you a big mention on my blog today!! you are de bomb

  • My girlfriend took a trip to Ecuador this summer where apparently guinea pigs are a delicacy…and yes, she did eat one. Just thought I would share that with you, you can always threaten to ship xo off to the equator if he acts up.