Your Assistance Required

I need some help.

I cannot get hold of SawHole and really need some guidance on how to tackle a domestic issue.

Mr Woog is on notice for being an inconsiderate shit. And here is why.

He comes home last night with a Woogette having spent the last 4 days skiing. He went on and on about how wonderful it was before hoovering the largest bowl on Spaghetti Bol ever served. He put the plate on the sink. PUT THE PLATE ON THE SINK….. ok, I can almost cope with that…

Then this morning, he delivered me my coffee in bed as usual at 7am. Mr Woog left for work soon after, before I rose to greet the morning and the Woogettes. I wandered out into the kitchen and smiled when I saw the flowers he had bought me.

Then something caught my eye. Sitting in the corner of the kitchen, this stinking pile of post-holiday fest greeted me.

Would this be acceptable to you? Or have I read too many articles on Mariah Carey’s Diva Ways.
My question to you, dear reader and one nasty lurker*, is what should I do?

What would you do?

* I have been told that you are not really a good blogger unless you have a nasty lurker! Flattered and thrilled!! Keep it coming you troll.