Careful of the Rooster Shit

Rugby League players Sam Brunton & Anthony Gelling have been sacked from the Rooster’s today.
Because they took several dumps in their hotel room at the Holiday Inn Townsville. On the tables and on the floor. So I just cannot let that one slide. I have a few ideas that might be beneficial to these two young men.

These are amazing! You use them as to not soil yourself and your surrounds. Get in touch with the kind folk at Huggies to see if they can sort you out with a box.

TABLE (for eating reading etc)

TOILET (suitable for number 1’s AND 2’s)


Now lads, I do not claim either to be that bright, but I am lucky to know the difference between the two. And just for the hell of it, bet you can’t guess what you use this for?

I KNOW! What a wonderful invention! But maybe one step at a time.
You might wonder why I know so much about toilets?
Click HERE and HERE.
And have a lovely weekend!