Desperately Helping SawHole

Now my good friend has an issue. And since she spends every Saturday sorting out the problems of the world on Saturdays with Sawhole, I feel it is only fair that we pay it forward.

Help a sister out ok?

PS SawHole, you think you have problems? I am going to a bloody Justine Clarke concert this morning. I would rather have a pap-smear while getting root canal.

Dear Mrs Woog,

SawHole is bemused and has an issue herself which she hopes the readers of Woogworld can help with, as she is at a loss.

Many years ago, SawHole attended a wedding where she was seated near a man who proceeded to tell her how fat and ugly she was throughout the evening. He also said the bride was ugly as well. Yep he is a classy bloke.

Now SawHole was in her teens at the time and was not the verbose fighter that she is now and spent a proportion of the evening crying in the toilets. Poor SawHole.

The last she saw of this pathetic bastard was when he glared at her across a supermarket aisle.

Fast forward many years and SawHole gets a friend request from him via Facebook. SawHole tells him to fuck off and blocks him. However, the angry little man has found another way to communicate with her via her friend, MRG. Recently he asked MRG: “Does SawHole hate me?”.

Now SawHole does not hate him but thinks he is a nasty, little bastard. Also SawHole has enough communicating to do on Woogsworld and Twitter without having to converse with someone she never really liked.

BTW SawHole was most certainly not fat or ugly.

So how do you politely convey NEVER, EVER contact me again because impolite has not worked.