I don’t know why she does it

I was out at a party on Saturday night and met a heap of great new people. Mr Woog was like “I will not know anyone there, Do not leave me alone.” But of course as soon as I got there I made a bee-line for the champers and did not see him again for a few hours. (Mr Woog, you are not 9.)

And when I did see him, it was when he came to collect me from the dance floor where I was lying on my back in my white kaftan dry humping the air to Stevie Wonder. We needed to go home.

But in between the arriving and the humping, I met some lovely people who will no doubt be my new BFF’s on Facebook and I will never see again.

And because my host, Mrs Finlay, had obviously told a few people about WoogsWorld, I had several kind folk come up and and tell me they read it. Which was nice (but a bit embarrassing and I had flashbacks to a few posts like this one). And one bloke asked the question “Why do you do it?”

Why do I do it?

And yesterday as I lay in bed crippled by the most unique hangover known to woman, I pondered this question. (Then my mum called me and wanted to know how to attach a photo to an email…. I had to hang up)

I suppose I have always like writing since I was a kid. And a while ago, I wrote my first post then forgot about WoogsWorld. Then my friend Louise suggested I revisit the notion. And as I am the type of person who has absolutely no discipline at all, I gave myself the challenge of writing a blog for a year. I am now 9 months in and am constantly surprised and shocked at the connections I have made though this blog.

Being a stay at home mum, days can be a bit long and lonely and being a total media junkie, I always find myself thinking “Geeze you are a tool..” when I see Eddie McGuire on the telly or “Lara Bingle what are you flogging now.” And the mundane can creep in. I find myself thinking “I could write about that….” and more often than not, it makes for better reading.

My little sister Ms Liz said to me recently, “I think you would never feel lonely, writing your blog.” And it is totally true.

And as 2011 comes around, I will be packing up two Woogettes to school everyday and I suspect things might change. But so far I am amazed that I might meet my self extended challenge. WoogsWorld has been a bit like my third child. Watching it grow and develop over the year has been baffling but rewarding.

Which brings me to the next point. Why do you write a blog? Or if you do not have a blog…. why do you read blogs? (I am assuming you do because you are reading this.) What keeps you coming back to a certain blog?

And do you know an amazing cure-all hangover remedy that does not involve McDonalds?