Ingenious Invention Alert # 3

If you are of my vintage (I had to tick the 36-45 box on a form this week and nearly passed out) you may remember a quaint and novel trend. The 21st Birthday Party circuit and subsequent Wedding scene quite often featured disposable camera’s on the table.

Which of course some people took seriously and as a favour to their host, would fill the film up with sweet photos to remember the event. They films where then developed at great expense and everyone would be happy.

Except if I was invited. I would convince whoever looked game to take photos of their private bits in the loos with me, before handing it back to the Mother of the Bride. So ridiculously immature and selfish. At SawHole’s 21st Birthday Party, which was held at the Lithgow Workers Club in the Tuscan Room, I had a tribe of young lads lined up showing their bottoms as I did my best impersonation of Annie Lebovitz. But that little prank would be difficult with this new invention.

Fantastic! No longer would Mr Woog spend a feverish hour before a black tie event saying “Where is my shirt?” “Where is my cuff links?” and other questions in an ever increasing panic. And I think he could get away with throwing the entire ensemble in the washing machine and hang it out to drip dry. And it would void the question if he should ever wear a cummerbund and bow tie to match my dress (a particular pet hate of mine).

So bravo indeed to the geniuses who dreamt this one up. And not just dreamt it up, but gave life to it. You go into my Ingenious Invention A-Team. You are in great company, with the inventors of the Hawaii Chair and the Wine Rack Bra.