Miracle in WoogsWorld

Something strange happened. I got on the scales and I have lost some weight. Now I automatically think I have picked up a tapeworm. Or am succumbing to some heinous disease. I think back to see whether I had accidentally done any exercise. Nope. I cannot figure it out but it has been a great springboard to start my “Lose 15 kilos in 15 Days” diet to get myself bikini ready for summer.
I was also inspired by one of the neighbourhood cats. In particular a tiny chocolate Burmese called Baci. Baci is one of the gang of cats that spend their day taking turns in carrying out assassination attempts on XO the Guinea Pig in our backyard. Baci was sporting a new bit of bling, and I took some inspiration from it.

So to give the local cafes the heads up that they are no longer allowed to serve me muffins, silversmith extraordinaire Uberkate has made me my own version of medi-alert necklace.

(order yours here)

Thanks Uberkate for the encouragement. Cannot wait to explain this to everyone that asks.

And if you have any incidental weight loss tips that do not involve exercise or dieting please share.