Mr Woog

I know I bitch a fair bit about Mr Woog, but he has just taken the Woogettes out for the morning, leaving me in bed with the papers, a hot coffee and my laptop. Oh, and Wilson the obese, wheezing drooly cat.
He is a simple man in many ways. He loves to eat but never cooks but he loves to read cookbooks. He is a mad mad gardener and has transformed WoogsWorld’s brown patches into beautiful gardens. Last year he planted jasmine outside my bedroom so it is perfumed when I open the windows. He is a fitness fanatic who loves nothing more than a curry and several beers. He has a strong moral conscience yet voted for Tony Abbott
(nearly inciting divorce papers to be drawn up).
Mr Woog is a good dad but acts like a kid himself around them. He is thoughtful, stubborn, honest, hard working, hard playing, interesting and sometimes says things that might render him gay if you did not know him “Lemon is such an amazing flavour.”
But most of all he has excellent taste in women.

So Mr Woog, thank you for giving me two hours of peace this morning. You are a champ.

But if you do not change the light bulb in my bathroom today, I am taking you to Spanky Town and not in a good way.