Mrs Woog Loves Giving It Away!

Ahhh Monday. You do seem to come around far too frequently. You are a sober slap in the face after a weekend of over-indulgence. I felt it necessary to have 2 afternoon drinkies catch ups with Mrs Finlayson, because we did not get through all that needed to be discussed on Saturday. So Mrs Finlayson, my hangover thanks you.

The weekend bought brilliant sunshine to Sydney siders, and I went naked. Well I felt naked in bare legs. It is safe to say I have not worked out what my best feature is, but I honestly confess it is not my legs. I have the legs of a sturdy Irish potato farmer, a tribute to my heritage. Complete with kankels, which is the delightful way your legs slide straight into your ankles without benefit of definition. And at this time of the year, there is always the fuzz and dry factor. So I am going to let you in on a little secret.


No you are not – as most of you are already here!

But like Oprah – I love to share my favourite things and of course…. give it away!

I accept the things I cannot change, but I will be blowed it I will not make the most of what I have got! I am please to share with you some summer essentials to get your pins into gear.

A few years ago, the beauty industry came out with a slew of gradual tanning moisturising lotions. I tried them all but the stench and subsequent streaky limbs were not worth the bother. Then I came across Nivea’s Summer Beauty.

Now this little gem leaves you not smelling like you have rolled around in the kitty litter tray. The reason it does not stink is because it is full of grape seed oil. It is yum. And full of stuff that moisturisers for 24 hours and has a firming element making it quite unique (run me a bath of it please) It comes in Fair – Medium and Medium Dark and is as cheap as chips. I slather this on every night and look better for it every morning ( and no, it does not stain your sheets) Even if you do not win my Giveaway, grab some next time you are shopping and give it a go.

I also love Nivea’s Lip formulas. I am not a lipstick girl. I do not like the feel of it. But I do always have a few Nivea balms with me. My Favourite ones are Pearly Shine and Hydro Care

Now you are moisturised top to toe, what about the fuzz?

I have spend years and years teasing my older sister who is a hairy being. Mrs Ryan suffers from extremely hairy legs (and arms and a slight moustache). I know she will not mind me sharing that little fact with you. But anyway, I have NO PAIN THRESHOLD WHATSOEVER so waxing my legs are out of the question. But as I am getting older, I am also getting hairier, so it would seem the bully has become the target since Mrs Ryan discovered laser hair removal.

To combat this issue, I am now a slave to Schick Intuition Plus. Fuck I feel like a loser talking about a razor, but this one is the best. You do not cut yourself, do not need soap and lathers, shaves and moisturisers on one step. Done in 30 seconds. No excuses.

To win 3 Bottles of Nivea Summer Beauty, An Schick Intuition Plus Pack plus Nivea Lip Balms, all you have to do is leave a comment. Any comment. It could just be Hi Mrs Woog – Do you get paid to flog this stuff? to which I can answer No! Do you believe what tight asses they are!

So leave a comment on this post if you want to rock your pins this summer. I am well on my way to pulling off this look.

Lynda Carter will use Random.Org to choose a winner on Monday 27th September.