Packing for Phuket, with help by Styling You

A few months ago I attended a Bloggers Afternoon organised by the smooth crew at Maxted Thomas PR. We were treated to all sorts of fun that day, including several glasses of champagne. And as the day grew to an end, I was out the front swinging around a No Standing pole when I heard a sweet voice.

“Are you Mrs Woog?”

I looked this fresh, blonde, bubbly princess up and down, took a drag of my ciggie and replied,
“Whose asking?”

Turns out it was Nikki from Styling You. And over the months we have become firm friends. We quite often thank which ever god you believe in that we live in different states. Because although she looks like an angel, she is the devil in disguise. Seriously fun and funny. But I do wish she lived in my hood as she is a style guru and fashion queen and I need all the help I can get in that department.

I am complete rubbish when it comes to packing for a holiday. I either take EVERYTHING and wear 4 things, or I seriously fuck up and leave all undies behind. So I am going to follow her style guide so I can avoid having to wear t-shirts that proclaim the loveliness of whatever area I am in. Or the SAME SAME but DIFFERENT ones that are so readily available in Thailand.

ummm guys, you know they are for transgender trannies yes?

What are the top 5 (7!) essentials?
1. Two swimsuits
2. 2-3 swimwear cover ups
3. A maxi dress and/or kaftan
4. Rubber thongs
5. Blinged flats
6. Straw hat
7. A coloured necklace or bracelet to work back with your evening and day outfits
8. Sunnies

I always take my gym gear on holidays despite never going to the gym in real life. I also never use it when i am on Holidays. Why should I leave it at home this time?
Leave it at home. You will be far too busy sitting poolside and looking fabulous. I do believe a solid workout could be achieved by alternating your cocktail drinking arm.

Last trip to Phuket I suffered inner thigh chaffing and a nasty blister which resulted me in having to wear denim shorts with shoes and socks. My friends The Divine Ms M and Mrs Finlayson said I looked like an angry lesbian and refused to walk with me down the street. How can I avoid this happening again?
Firstly, this could be avoided by never leaving your poolside villa (see above for very important message re drinking cocktails and exercising while on holiday) but if you really must then I think you must suffer in name of fashion, then return immediately to poolside and liberally apply Lanolips 101 ointment ( or Twenty8 Healing Skin Boost (

Should I steal a bar mat?


What beauty products do I really need to take?
Sunscreen, tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm, bronzer, mascara (for evening soirees), shampoo, hair conditioner or treatment. I can’t go anywhere without concealer so that would be on my list too even though it will probably melt off as quickly as is applied. Oh, and a spray tan two days before departure is an excellent idea post our winter cover up.

Fake Gucci Bag? Yes or No.
No. It is not stylish to wear obvious labels – and in a fake bag it’s SO obvious. And don’t get me started on sweat shops and drug money. If you can’t afford the real deal (actually even if you can, go for discreet label placement), then walk away.

Give me some wisdom on how many shoes should I take and what type.
Two pairs: Havaianas for day and blinged flats for night

I recently bought a silk maxi-dress to take to Phuket. But I fear I look to Maxi. Can curvy girls get away with this look?
Yes, you can. The key is to not have so much volume that people think you are pregnant. Make sure it is fitted around the bust and then drapes flatteringly from just below the bust (most people’s thinnest section). If unsure, just order another cocktail and remember you’re in a country where you don’t know anyone – and bugger what they think anyway.

So you are probably starting to get why I love her so much.

What is your holiday style?