Saturdays with SawHole #10

Just to mix Saturdays up a bit, I had SawHole send in a rant this week. Enjoy!

Looks like this little man will have to catch the bus for the next few months! (Cue evil, devil laugh track) Or perhaps hire a man called Jacques to deliver him in the fashion he has become accustomed to while going through the contents of other people’s garbage.

SawHole used to feel sorry for this man, (whom she later found out was a snivelling despot) because his head was put on the chopping board by some Channel Nine bean counter. However, SawHole’s sympathy came to sudden, crash!, bang! ending when she was interviewed on live television by the relic of tabloid terror.

There she was eye-to-eye with him in the studio, while only a million or so people were watching. No pressure. Before the interview, he then ran through what he was going to ask me and I mentioned that I was a bit unclear about one of the questions. HE ROLLED HIS EYES AT Sawhole or perhaps he has two twitching and turned eyes.

Either way he was on SawHole’s shitlist.

A funny aside from this interview was SawHole’s friend SJG watched the thing live and at the end of the interview she saw SawHole, who had no idea the camera was on her, exhale as if to say: “Phew.” Oh well, worse could have happened. That bastard could have bitten off SawHole’s head and asked the people at Sea Treasure (down the road from Nine) to cook it up with a dab of soya sauce.

Anyway…SawHole feels very sorry for Chris “Novocastrian” Bath having to co-anchor Sunday Night with him. Not only do they have zero chemistry, he is the poor man’s Mark Riley, who for the record is a born and bred Novocastrian.

Mr Munro is also on Mrs Woog’s shitlist. I tells yah you don’t wanna be on both Woogie and SawHole’s shit list. The last person who achieved that fame was a man called Philanderer who is very short and very horny.