Ballet Mum

I was not a ballet kid. Or a brownie or girl guide kid. I was more a BMX, pick your nose and eat it and wear my Western Suburbs Magpie’s footy jersey type of kid. A Tomboy if you wish. I would delight my mother often by “rescuing” all the slugs and putting them in a box in my bedroom just after she had slug baited the garden. I would quite often conduct experiments on guppies caught in the local creek and was once grounded for beating up the neighbours kid. Well, he was an asshole.

I am still not really a girly girl. I like a bit of bling though, but you would not catch me in heels. Ever. I like the way they look though, but my ability to walk more than two steps is yet to be mastered. I still do not understand it when you hear chicks say “They are so comfortable!” No. They are not. Ditto g-strings and saying waxing does not hurt. None of it compared to being swathed in cashmere. So stop saying it. OK? It shits me.

But I have a secret shopping addiction which I have vowed to quit.

I found the older Woogette had pulled my collection of Ballet Flats out the other day and was taking photos of them. When asked why, he told me he was going to sell them on eBay. No you are not my son! Then Mr Woog walked in and almost exploded about how many pairs of ballet flats I owned. (Lets not start on boots and sandals shall we).

Anyway, I feel my natural attraction to ballet flats is become I am now a fully blown Ballet Mum. Jack has displayed a natural affinity for the art of the dance. He is currently dancing with the Sydney Youth Ballet and has commenced production of Peter Pan. He takes it all very seriously and packs up his Hello Kitty drink bottle for Saturday rehearsals and turns on the full diva act. He is very talented (he has escaped the chunky monkey syndrome that curses his mum, dad and brother). So I am a ballet mum. Beats Pageant Mum and cheaper that Pony Club Mum. Although his shoes are as expensive as regular sized ballet flats from Witchery.

So WoogsWorld has it’s own version of Billy Elliot – only with hearing aids.