So today marks the end of a 4 month annual period where I can call myself a cougar.

Mr Woog has hit the big 37 – catching up to me in the numerical stakes. I continue to be leaps and bounds ahead of him in the emotional sense. We have been bumping uglies for some 15 years now. So I have been a cougar for a long time, even before the term was coined, marketed, written about and celebrity old ladies jumped on the bandwagon.

I just know that cougar/cub relationships can cut the mustard, as these fine cougary examples can testify. All in committed, fulfilling cougary marriages…. aren’t they?
But to my dearest love. Happy Birthday and welcome to your mid-life crisis.

PS – Thank you Mr Finlayson for bringing this along to Mr Woog’s Bday Dinner last night. We were all like -” Gross. Who would drink that??” Well you know who would drink that? Me and your wife. AND it was AMAZING. And healthy due to all the antioxidants. Yeah. That’s right.

Go get yourself a cask of cranberry.