In Honour of the GREAT Ms W

No not me…. the other Ms W.

In honour of her upcoming visit and the fact that I forgot to register to get tickets, I thought I would throw her, Gayle and Stedman a dinner party at WoogsWorld. I have a few tentative dates pencilled in but her reps have not got back to me yet. I am sure they are just busy in talks with Kristina Keneally to make sure all will go smoothly. Never fear Harpo crew. she is renowned for her fast acting, decisive skills. You are going to be fine…….

OK – so I have been thinking about the guest list and have some thoughts.

I love Lady Julia Morris. I think she would bring a bit of class and style to the event. She can sit next to me and share a hip flask of gin. Plus she is a Lady, so no doubt she is always on her best behaviour.

And also, I should invite this lovely lady I always see at Thomas Dux in Crows Nest. I could not for the life of me think of where I knew her from, until one day I went up to her and asked “Did you used to teach English at Abbotsleigh back in the Eighties?” She was very nice and told me she didn’t. But next time I see her, I will have an invite ready.

Oh and of course, we need the current Aussie Golden Boy. I loved him when he was fit, I loved him when he was fat, and now I love him again for his amazing 6-pack. He can bring it along as long as he does not wear a shirt.

And of course we need someone a bit intellectual. And with impeccable manners.

And speaking of impeccable, I am going to ask both of The Divine Ms M’s. One to sing during cocktail hour…..
and the other Divine Ms M to help SawHole pack the dishwasher and serve drinks…….

And of course you do need a token dick-head…… oh who to choose???? Hard. I need to get the mix just right.

Knowing Oprah as I do, I suppose it would please her if either of these fellas showed up. (Mr Cruise do not think about jumping on my eBay Morans)

I know that the guest list determines the success of an event. I also know Oprah does not suffer fools gladly (apart from Dr Phil). When I think about the menu, there is one of two thoughts. I get Mr Woog to scoot into Abdul’s in Surry Hills and pick up kebabs or I order an extravaganza from the Pig Out Spit Roast Company……

I suppose I can fine tune the details later. I have John Farnham on notice in case he wants to do his finale, farewell, never again going to happen, not on your nelly, you have got to be kidding tour and serenade Oprah with “Your the Voice” which will be lovely.
But including Mr Woog, (taking that he shows up) I am still one person down at the table.
Any suggestions??