Monday Giveaway and a tale of woe.

I have been a total bitch lately. So negative and snarky. Am not really liking myself at the moment, so I have decided to turn my frown upside down and get out and enjoy
God’s Great Garden and all it’s creatures.

No. I cannot even talk myself into it.

We went upcencoast on Saturday (that is local speak for Up to the Central Coast). A nice relaxing weekend away. Complete with cyclone like winds and freezing temperatures. The neighbours back in Sydney (you know the ones with the pool… the ones we are extra nice to about this time of the year) called me at 10.30pm to say they had just spent 2 hours trying to coax the guinea pig out from under our house. You know our Guinea Pig XO? Anyway, they went to feed him and he escaped. And because Mr Woog and I gave a few bottles of wine a very good home on Saturday night, we were unable to drop everything and dash back.

“But Officer, I am drink driving because my stupid neighbour let our guinea pig out and it is under the house with several cats and spiders!!!”

So sparrows fart Sunday morning we packed up the car and came back to Sydney. We kissed the bigger Woogette goodbye before dispatching him with a hose and a rake under the house. Such a long story, but in the end, I feel we could have actually given the Chilean Government a run for their money in the rescue stakes. XO lives.

And because I really wanted to totally fuck up my weekend, I also chose now to give up the evil weed. Lori over at RRSHM and I have been discussing this for some time and always had an excuse. I was going to Phuket….. she was being a bridesmaid…… it was a Monday. You know the drill. But I sucked back my last cigarette and whacked on a patch.

I put the patch on my ass so I cannot lick it.

Which brings me to my Giveaway. The shiny folk at HealthSmart Magazine has always suspected I was an avid gym goer, a beacon of natural health and supporter of all things organic (think Vodka O). And to celebrate my quitting the fags and having a massive argument with the morons at Fitness First, the are giving a 12 month subscription away to a WoogsWorld reader!

Stories, articles & advice to help
you achieve health & happiness.
Includes tips for healthy eating,
fitness & exercise, weight-loss,
wellness & more

It is the only health/fitness magazine that I have ever read that does not totally grate my grits. Mind you, I generally only ever read them at the doctor’s waiting room, but this one appeals to me because it assumes you are not already a gym junkie, and is more about holistic health, and not just looking hot.

Please leave a comment telling me what the hardest thing you have ever had to give up and why it was so difficult.

And make it good because I am 3 days off the cigs and feeling emo.

RandyOrg will choose the winner on Friday 22nd October.