Ollie & Max Giveaway!

It is has been a while since I wrote anything about the fashion world, and being a Fatshonista, it is a subject close to my heart.

I recently spent some time twittering about my bible Shop Til You Drop, a magazine I turn to for a fashion fix when the funds have dried up more than the skin on my elbows. I would like to say Vogue was my bible, but I refused James Packer’s proposal years ago (in between Kate and Jodhi) so STYD it is.

It is a great mag and I love it. But had a few issues with this month issue.

Jess Hart on the cover. Great. She is cool. What is not cool is that dress. WTF is that! I posted it out onto twitter for some consultation and comments that came back included.

  • She looks like a penis
  • Is she wearing swimmers over a body stocking?
  • Like a big purple condom.
  • I wore that clubbing in the 80’s

    And this little gem. Where might one wear a glass mosaic balaclava? And how might you accessorise this? v good for bad hair days I suppose.

Kirrily Johnston, may I suggest less time on the crack pipe please? Grey Poop Catcher shorts with a zip. Me thinks perhaps not…….

Opps. Just fainted. Swoon.

But this pisses me off for so many reasons. Agree?

I can live without the balaclava, but I cannot live without my collection of shirts from

Now I first met Sam, founder of the label, while I was shopping at Paddington Markets with the Divine Ms M. I was insisting we go and find the Waffle Wagon when we stumbled upon this lovely collection of shirts and dresses. We were both hooked. The Divine Ms M is roughly half the size of me, but Ollie and Max suits everyone. I MEAN EVERYONE.
Please note this is not me in the photos.
She just looks a bit like me.

I love them because they are tres-forgiving, especially if you are somewhat mummy-muffinesque. And you can wear them with anything. And they are cotton , comfy and come in sizes 8-24. Ollie & Max also stock cool dresses, leggings, scarves and hats.
Shoot over to www.ollieandmax.com.au and have a laptop shop.
Or pop over to their FaceBook page and tell them Mrs Woog sent you.
Or you can enter the Ollie & Max Giveaway!

To win an Ollie and Max Ollie shirt in your choice of colour, please comment on this post. And if you retweet it, add that into your comment for an additional entry. Oh and you must be a WoogsWorld Follower. (and if you are not, then why are you here?) And you must have strong objections to shiny mosaic balaclavas.

As always, my pal Randy.Org will choose a winner on Friday 29th October so check back in then to see of you got lucky!