This week both sucked and blew…. (chunks)

I had a wonderful dream.
I was lying on a pristine white beach in Thailand drinking ice cold Singha beers and snoozing intermittently while passers by admired my lily white wobbling thighs.

Back down to earth with a massive thud this week.
In case you missed it, one Woogette spent Tuesday night doing his best impersonation of a cast member from Poltergeist. And because the other, smaller Woogette hates to miss out on any type of special attention, he decided he wanted to play the understudy. So again ALL OF LAST NIGHT WAS FUCKING SPENT IN THE BATHROOM WITH HIM WHILE HE BLEW CHUNKS. And just when I thought it had passed and took him back to bed with me, HE SAT UP AND BLEW CHUNKS ALL OVER MY BED.

Mr Woog slept uninterrupted in the spare room. And silently delivered my coffee and left for work. Thank you Mr Woog. You have been most helpful.

In other news this week, several readers who understand my distaste for all things Ed Hardy, sent me the following notice. And this pleases me. So now I am thinking of relocating to Stonnington.

The Guinea pig circle of life continues as my sister Mrs Ryan and I embark on our journey to become members of the NSW Cavy-Guinea Pig Club. We celebrated the birth of 3 new members. XO is going to be a seriously good father, except if he tries to root his daughters. Maybe he can just admire his work through the safety of a nearby cage. Here they are, a few hours after coming into the world. If they had tails, they would be rats. And we would not think they were so cute.

So there you have it. Life at WoogsWorld is never ever dull. My holiday to Thailand is a distant memory. This time last week I was there relaxing, reading and reflecting on life.

Being the CEO of WoogsWorld is a role you can actually never get a break from. You need to be running your A-Game at all times, because you never know what is just around the corner. I am a nurse, a shrink, a chef, a taxi driver and a bona fide disaster scene cleaner-upperer. And if that does not justify a fucking massive pay rise, then I quit!

Have yourself a chunk free weekend.

Much Love

Mrs Woog