Ending the rumour.

Dear Sawhole (and I type that with one eyebrow raised),

I never thought the conspiracy theorists would get to me but some blasphemous mongrel has been spreading a rumour… that…. that…Mrs Woog and Sawhole are one-in-the-same person!??!!

Staging the Moon landing in a Lidcombe industrial unit is one thing. But having the public believe that there’s some sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde morphing thing going on in the Woog and Sawhole department is just too ludicrous to contemplate. Mrs Woog’s got this “well I’ve gotta keep my sanity somehow, so I may as well have some fun” attitude; whereas Sawhole. . . . . holy shit . . . her lightning analysis of people’s problems and the resultant advice generally leaves them scorched and emotionally smouldering.

I suppose she’s teaching us a lesson though, ie: don’t ever ask a question you think you may already know the answer to. Anyway, you are totally different ladies from my perspective so let’s just put an end to these inane, populist lies.

Yours in strength,
Rob Jeffries.

Hi Rob,
Just to clear it up once and for all.

SawHole on the left, me on the right. Ok?

Choose which picture you want to believe.


Mrs Woog