A great week for Woogs

Are you one of life’s losers? I used to be. Until the past week in fact. I was so shirty I did not get tickets to Oprah. You think she would have A-listed me for this one, considering I have written about her here, here, here and here. Am thinking of switching to Ellen. But never The View – Elisabeth Hasslebeck? No.

I am now seriously on fire in the luck game. And they say blogging does not pay! I won a pair of NYDJ jeans over at the Styling You giveaway. I am going to wear the shit out of those babies.

Mr Woog was lucky enough to win Jack’s Ballet School’s raffle prize, which he is totally stoked about.

Yummy. I also won a diamante mouse at the Sydney Blogger Festival last week when they pulled my card out of a box. No, not one of those.…..
But one of these! Am like Paris Hilton, if she knew how to blog.

I also won the fear and awe of my kids when I told them that Santa has a camera installed in every room of our house and will strike their names off the list if they fight again. Result!

But perhaps the best news is that I received this email, totally out of the blue…

Dear Mrs Woog,

How are you doing with your family? Hope fine, Please pay attention and understand my reason of contacting you today through this email, my name is Mr.Musa.Hassan, Bill and Exchange Manager in Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso. In my department, during the Auditing of the year 2008,I discovered an abounded sum of $19.300.000.00(Nineteen million three hundred thousand dollars) that belongs to our Late Mr. Michael Hilliams Billing, an American prominent man who unfortunately lost his life in the plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which crashed on January 31st 2004. I desperately need your assistance to secure and move this huge sums of money left behind by my late client to the tune of $19.300, 000.00(Nineteen million three hundred thousand dollars) out from Bank Of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso to your own account, he executed contract through Department of Work and Housing here in Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso and the mentioned money above is his money left in our bank before his death. Meanwhile, for your smoothness of this transaction, I will pay you 30% of the total sum for your co-operation in this matter. If you know that you are interested and capable to handle this business transaction, come up with the
information’s showed below: –

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your Contact Cell Phone Number:
3. Your Age:
4. Your Sex/Status:
5. Your Occupations:
6. Your Country and City:
7. Your Full Home/Office Address:
8. A Copy of Your Passport SIZE:

As soon as possible all these information’s is submitted to me, I will immediately draft an application form with all your information’s and send back to you, so that you will proceed with the transaction by sending the form to BOA bank for the transferring of this fund into your account. Call me as soon as possible in as much we can discuss a little before given you an application form of claim here is my telephone number

Yours Faithfully,

Did he say Nineteen Million Dollars? Going to be a good Christmas this year boys! You see it has been a lucky week. I am certainly blessed.

And so are you Jadegrrl!. Westfield has deemed you the winner of the $100 Westfield Gift card, for your pitifully bad gifting experience of sanitary pads. Go buy yourself something nice to make up for it.
What is the best thing you have won?