GO GIRL – Ingenious Invention Alert # 4

I have a particular aversions to public toilets. But on occasion, I do need to make use of the amenities on offer. You see I have a talent for choosing the cubicle which houses a large, floating, brown turd, roughly the size of a baby’s arm. It is a gift I have. Some people play the piano.

Alas I was confused when this product popped into my inbox recently. Study it for a minute, and have a think what it possibly might be.

Give up? 

It is a FUD. What is a FUD? Let’s ask the chicks from the Go Girl Marketing Department.

Simply put, GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.

GoGirl is easy to use. Just lower your panties, and put GoGirl against your body, forming a seal. Aim and, well, pee. Pretty simple, huh?

GoGirl fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. It’s a must for travel and sports. And it’s great for everyday––no more crouching over or trying to cover up an unsanitary public toilet.

Only GoGirl is made with flexible, medical grade silicone. Dispose of it after use. Or clean and reuse as you like. (Urine is sterile, but the product can come into contact with contaminates during use, so take precautions when cleaning.) 

Our patented splash guard eliminates messing and spilling. Once you practice a time or two, using a GoGirl is going to feel like second nature. You won’t be like a man. You’ll just pee like one.

So they want you to exchange your poon for a peen, just while you pee. And then roll your piss soaked faux doodle up and stick it back into your handbag! 

I have seen them reviewed by bloggers in the states recently, whom I am desperate to link this post to*, but am concerned the Go Girl Mafia will Go Get Me! For preferring to pee sitting down. And the whole idea is fucking ludicrous. Not to mention fraught with slap-stick type comedy scenarios.

It is all a bit too much for me on a Sunday, but please let me know if you order one (so I can strike you off my Christmas Card list)

*did I say desperate?

  • yeah, nah. I’ll stick to squatting. It’s good for the thighs.

  • I’m glad they reminded us to lower our panties first. x

  • see I was about to say ‘PMSL’ but I fear that because I don’t have a FUD it might cause a mighty big mess.

    Can you just imagine having it in your handbag and say one of the kids goes looking for something and comes out with that? Would be my luck it would happen in a room full of people ‘what’s this Mum?’

    I must say though, thank you so much for bringing it to our attention Mrs Woog. My afternoon is now complete.

  • I’d hate to think what will happen if you put it the wrong way around!!! x

  • Oh! It looks like this product would be perfect to use in conjunction with this one … http://www.nowherelikequeensland.blogspot.com (I have also been inundated with pee products. That’s the power of a Mummy Bladder).

  • eew eeew eeeewww! There is no way I’d be putting that back in my bag after using it! Ick.

  • I’ve always wanted a pink pee funnel… it will match the tupperware I keep poo in.

  • Mrs Digges

    I wish you could click “like” on some reponses – Love yours Glowless! Mrs Woog – I wonder if I can get my money back on your Chrisse prezzie if you clearly won’t appreciate it??

  • Seriously who thinks this shit up?

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine waking up and thinking

    “Gee I’ve got a great idea – a pink funnel for chicks to piss through”


  • Yeuch! I’m amazed. In a horrified sort of way.

  • I’m kind of wondering if the product pictured in the linked blog was photographed before or after the blogger used it. :eep:

    I’ve had bad days where I’ve pulled a tampon out of my purse and started to lift it to rub against my lips when I meant to grab my lipgloss. God only knows what stupidity I could get up to with a FUD.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was called a ‘she-wee’.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was called a ‘she-wee’.

  • Ummmmm…..

    Well, that about says it all….


  • Very thoughtful of them to make it pink, also to include “lower your panties” in the instructions.

    Have strong aversion to word “panties.” I think it’s more a word for undie sniffers.

    Also since it says “only Go Girl is made with…” does that mean there are others out there?

  • Imagine walking out of the stall with it? “scuse me ladies in line but could I get to the basin to rinse my fud?… Ohh mind the drip!”

  • Loz

    So before you put it back in your handbag – do you wash it in the sink, blow it with the dryer or use the paper towel?

  • I kinda like it. What? Pink is like my face colour.

    Hmmm. I wonder if I can con them into sending me a sample. For review purposes, yah know.

  • *fave* even. Stoopid predictive text.

  • The combination of your Pink FUD and my first thought when I hear the word FUD http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/3157903758/ makes me feel I’ll.

  • I’m thinking that’s a drag queen in the photo… cause it’s for sure not a fud user… in the dude’s loo no less… and I agree we need a like button on the comments… matching poo tupperware… oh fud, I just about wet myself on that one!

  • Nas.ty.

  • Fascinating – does anyone say whether getting it into position is more or less undignified than having a good old-fashioned squat.
    And what if you’ve got big pants on? Oh no. Excellent idea, but falls at the details.

  • For the love of all things urine, where the fuck the people find the time to think up this stuff.

    That said, I would love to see this on New Inventors…..

  • Yikes 0_o putting my piss in my handbag ummm no thanks LOL

  • I think it’s really nice that they made it pink, you know, it just makes it so pretty!

  • Yes, I see your point about public toilet phobia’s (and share your gift of selecting the “crappiest” one) but who would ever think of buying such a thing! Bet Ellen DeGeneres would get a laugh out of this – and your blog!

  • haha I’ve seen these before (erm, not ‘in action’) They were supposed to come in handy at places like festivals when lines are really long. So girls could do what the guys do and just hang a leak on a tree.

  • It’s pink and you know how much I love pink.
    I have to pass on this one. YIKES X

  • I’m a nurse. I knew it was a female urinal right away. I’d totally use one.

  • I’ll stick with cleaning the seat before I sit thanks. And if there’s a floating brownie, I’ll flush it first.