Let’s Catch up Before Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again.

I feel like I am limping towards the finishing line wearing tight shoes, a pair of full spanx and no bra. There are Christmas parties, parent teacher interviews, family gatherings, an amazing spate of November and December birthdays, endless pressie shopping, graduation ceremonies, and the old chestnut, “Let’s catch up before Christmas!”

And I feel like saying “We had had all fucking year to catch up and neither of us has wanted to, so why do it now?”

I do feel guilty though, because Harry’s class mum is trying so hard to collect cash for Miss E’s Christmas pressie and I always have just spent the last few bucks in my bag on a cup of coffee or a trashy magazine whenever I have seen her. I have sent it in twice with Harry to give to her in a clearly marked envelope, but she has not got it. I suspect the canteen did.

This time of year also brings some extreme examples of bad parenting here at WoogsWorld. Yes, we had hotdogs for dinner last night. Hotdogs. (yum) But very non nutritious. Whatever. And I am sick to bloody death of homework. And readers. And Mathletics. And Newsletters, birthday party invites in the shape of Nickelodeon characters and lunchboxes. I am DONE.

And you are up early – Get your own breakfast. No, you cannot have Milo on your weetbix. Why? Because I said so…… oh ok – as long as you shut the door and do not wake me for an hour. What? When the little hand is on the 7…………..

So we have probably been allowing the Woogettes to much technology time in an attempt to get that extra hour’s sleep in the morning (must you get up at 6.30am boys.. must you?) They have been spending this hour flicking through the Foxtel, scoffing contraband from the treat box and surfing the net for games. And as a result, Harry is now banned “for life” from computer games since he overdosed on them and started bringing some undesirable behaviours into everyday life. And Jack is obsessed since he discovered Toddlers and Tiaras. (that show is shameful! and addictive!)

Jack brings his A-Game.

Fed up with the Mundane. Am I the only one who feels like this?