Win a $100 Woogsfield Voucher!

I believe shopping is a sport. It is how I do my cardio. I am a shameless retail junkie who gets my fix online, in store and everywhere in between. So when I was asked to share with you an amazing tool to help me buy perfect Christmas gifts, I said yes. Especially as it is for Westfield. And this is a sponsored post.

Westfield Chatswood has been a community partner of the Shepherd Centre since 2008 and has arranged fantastic treats and outings for our kids (and us mums!). So we LOVE. Read about it here.

Now my personal tip for having the best Christmas ever is to leave the country, which is what I am doing this year. But for those who are staying for a traditional, large, extended family type Christmas complete with makeshift tables and chairs and pasta salad, I share Westfield’s Entertaining Expert Stuart McGregor’s (Hello Dream Job Hand Up Over here Frank Lowy) enthusiasm for the dress up and themed Xmas.

Our extended family runs at about 28, depending on who got born and who popped their clogs during the year. So with that many folk, we normally run with a colour theme, like all white, or red and green. Or you can a choose trailer park theme, or whatever you like. It is fun and gets us is the swing of things, (Apart from Mr Woog who thinks it is stupid, but who looks stupid on the actual day when they are the only ones not dressed up? You do Mr Woog.). There are stacks more festive tips from the Westfield Experts, and when I grow up, I am going to be the Westfield Easter Egg Expert.

And my other tip is simple.


Start with a champagne and orange at breakfast and finish with the brandy sauce sucked off the plate before you pop it into the dishwasher at night. Mr Woog and I have adhered to this rule for many years, and ALWAYS have a wonderful Christmas.

Westfield has made life even better with the Westfield Online Gift Finder. The gift finder will be spread to everyone in my family, so I will no longer receive these items, all of which have been bestowed upon me in the recent past.

So by using Westfield’s Online Gift Finder it would appear I am actually entitled to a bit of this!

Oh sweet mother of Westfield…………………drool

You can actually get your list together, print the whole thing out and head to Westfield to get all your Christmas shopping done in one hit. Yes, it is genius.


Oh, you are asking me? Ok. Mr Woog once got me an office chair.

Frank Lowy will be selecting the commentor who leaves the best/worst gift comment on Tuesday 16th November. The winner will recieve free car parking for 3 hours* and a $100 Westfield Gift Card. Do you know how many pairs of Diva earrings you can get for that!

* everyone gets 3 hours parking for free.