Word Vomit

Good Morning Random.Org. And how are you today? It is going to be a hot one I believe. I need 3 winners to send a copy of Corinne Grant’s most excellent new book Lessons in Letting Go. Come on, spit them out for me……

Kel, Kym and Danielle, please email me your address and congrats. It is a great book and you will LOVE it (then you will go and tidy the third drawer down in the kitchen… you know. THAT drawer?) [email protected]

And speaking of email, someone wrote to me during the week asking me how I managed to write my modern wisdom every day. I had a think about this. And I liken it to a solid bout of gastro. It is my word vomit. And it just keeps coming and coming.

And speaking of vomit, God, Buddha, Ganesh, Tom Cruise or whoever the fuck is in charge decided to punish me again with a vomiting child. An overnight vomiting child who is now sleeping soundly in my bed surrounded by a million towels. While I wash and type with my eyeballs.

And speaking of eyeballs, I am pretty sure I am heading to OPSM soon. I have taken to reading things with some extreme squinting. So another personal imperfection I am going to have to deal with……

And speaking of personal imperfections, If I see Jennifer HAWKins in swimmers writhing around on a beach somewhere in a giant ad on the back of a bus again, I WILL attack it with a can of spray paint.

And speaking of going to jail, Joe Tripodi has announced his retirement from politics. I have no idea why??

you guys are so screwed..

And speaking of Joe Hildebrand, SawHole has sorted through the applications and believe she may have found a new Mrs Hildebrand. More to come.

And speaking of SawHole, she will be here tomorrow – that being Saturday and all.

But don’t let me waffle on and on… Tell me. How was YOUR week?