Blaming Elizabeth Gilbert

I was given the book Eat, Pray, Love by my older sister Mrs Ryan 2 years ago for my birthday. And the conversation went something like this.
“Thanks. Have you read it?”
So it sat in the bookcase for 12 months while the hype about it whirled around me. And after a year, I was going through the sads so I picked it up and read it in two days. And I loved it.
I know there are 2 definite camps on this book, but I believe it came along at the right time for me. But it did get me jealous. And I was all like “I need to go find myself a-la Gilbert for a year and you cannot stop me.” (except I planned to skip the India bit. That sounded horrendous and I would set myself up for complete failure if I was to attempt the silent bit)
But stopping me was the reality of the situation. Children. And although they are known to send me around the twist, Mamma would miss their little faces.
So the whole notion was shelved in favour of a week in Bali with Mr Woog sans kids.
And as always, I believe everything happens for a reason.
Enter the Ludbrooks.
Mrs Ludbrook and I are old school pals. We reconnected through the Book that is Face. She lives with Mr Ludbrook and their 3 boys in Bali. And we met up while Mr Woog and I were doing our impersonation of a honeymooning couple in Seminyak (without the pashing in the pool bit). The Ludbrooks are extremely cool. Extremely. And Mr Woog and I were like Scott and Charlene to their Posh and Becks.
We went out to dinner with them one night. Mr Ludbrook told of their plans to spend the summer in Sydney this year. It all went a bit in slow motion from there, but there was something said about they were concerned about their cat and were looking for a house sitter….
A few swift kicks flew under the table and Mr Woog and I both suggested that perhaps if the cat in question was not a complete asshole, we would be willing to relocate for 5 weeks to Bali. To look after their cat. If they wanted. That would be ok.
So in 4 more sleeps, we will be packing up the Woogs and moving to Bali. To cat sit.