Breaking the Silence

I swear Eat, Pray, Love is solely responsible for the large influx of solo women travellers around Bali. They are dotted in cafes, riding bikes down village lanes with baskets on the front and doing quiet reflections on the beach. You see them everywhere and I feel like running up to them and saying, “Are you doing this because of Elizabeth Gilbert?
Through the social network, I discovered a long time friend was on the EPL wagon, doing 3 weeks of solo travel in Bali. She had had her time in Ubud, reflected upon her existence overlooking the beaches at Ulluwatu, and eaten her way though the myriad of restaurants in Seminyak. And she has done this by herself, reading 6 books along the way and existing on exactly 2 conversations the entire time. And one was with her mother on the phone. About the state of her hair.
Kim Jeffery was ready to talk.
So she was issued with an invitation to WoogsWorld, the Balinese Edition. I did warn her though, there might be a bit of an extreme variation to what she was used to. I mean Mrs Ryan and myself have been known to cause migraines in people within earshot of us after just a short period of time. Throw in 5 kids and a few male folk and the chances are you may just perforate your eardrums. But she was up for the challenge.
And what a guest she has turned out to be. Not only does she talk as much as Mrs Ryan, but she was the guest on honour and judge at the post dinner dance off last night, where she awarded titles for Best Moonwalk, Best Spin, Best Interpretive Dance and Best Overall Performance.
She was a fair judge and could not be bribed. And we invited Putu and Made to be a member of the studio audience. It was a fitting end to a glorious day. When you are dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop till you get Enough” well into the night, you know all is right in the world.
Till then
Mrs Woog