Challenging Times

3 more sleeps…

Christmas shopping?

Mr Woog bought home a Westfield Gift card with a set limit so I could shop without having my annual budget blow out. It is such a good idea. So I took myself off to Target with a list of gifts I needed. And because I was working to a budget, I had to carefully consider each purchase. I was very considerate when selecting gifts and overall I was very VERY pleased with myself. I chose co-ordinating wrap and even remembered sticky tape. So clever Mrs Woog…..

Two hours later, I was sure I had everything I needed. I called Mr Woog from the 15 metre queue at the checkout to let him know the mission was completed. And he was beside himself with could not care less.

To say I whizzed through the checkout would make me a liar. It took a LOOOOONG time with the trainee who has the enthusiasm of a dying slug. Eventually I presented her with my Westfield Gift card complete with a smug look which could be interpreted as “I know, I am so very organised. When you grow up, I hope you are as organised as me..”

When she looked at me like a slack jawed yokel and said “Target does not accept Westfield Gift Cards Lady…” I asked her to repeat herself. And promptly burst into tears.

The lady behind me was so lovely and kind. I wish I got her name. She rubbed my back and said soothing things. And as I recovered, I noticed she was a very funky chick and was rocking this amazing black maxi skirt. I asked her where she got it and she replied “Country Road”.

Fuck you Target.

I left the manager and the gormless checkout chick to deal with the massive stash of gifts and went up 3 levels to Country Road and bought that skirt. Country Road take Westfield Gift Cards.

Stretchy, Comfy, Good. And if you buy it this Thursday or Friday you get 30% off online or in store.

But because I have no idea how to wear it, I extended a Style Challenge to Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. And she has helped help a curvy sister out.


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