Diminishing Woogsy

I am lucky enough to have a guest blogger doing the Woog for me today. She is an Aussie Blogging Legend. She assures me I can become addicted to exercise. I assure her I cannot. But we share a disdain of all things tacky. And so she is here to share some Christmas Shopping ideas with you.
PS Lucy, do not apologise for being snarky here, you are in the right place.

Sorry, but I am going to be a sarky madam here today.

I have just got back from dealing with my Mother, and her mail, and her bills.

We had a near fall out over the fact that I wanted to just chuck all the junk mail straight into the bin, whilst she insisted she must read it all.

One of the offending items was a glossy catalogue.

(I am going to be all passive aggressive here and not mention their name, and just take the piss anyway.)

I am sure it will not take any large amount of guess work as to the organisation I am having a pop at.

Apparently they are “the ultimate in stress-free shopping!”

Every item exclaims “Great Gift Idea!”

That’s as maybe, but seriously, WHO BUYS THIS SHIT??

A selection, for your viewing pleasure –

So realistic! You reckon? I think not.
Plastic giraffes in dress ups. In your garden. Apparently I will love the “extra touch of charm”. No. No, I won’t.

This is my personal fave. The fluro green light up snail, which, apparently, is “sure to be a talking point”. Sadly, yes, I think they are on the money here. A talking point indeed.

To be honest, I could practically snip the whole catalogue. But I am sure you can Google it if you want more. (Keep an eye out for the “realistic cat” made into a boot cleaner, or the cheeky cute plastic meercats – set of 4, no less.)

Cruelty to animals, I reckon.

Tacky naff crap.

BUT, be careful. Whilst I was snipping and giggling and wondering who the hell buys this shit, I came across an innovative little Kitchen Compost Crock (Handy, Clean and Smell Free!)

And lovely husband asked me to score him the 30m tangle free garden hose – no more kinks, knots or tangles! Phew!

We have been innovated.

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