Lori talks about the C Word – And it is not Children

I am up to my armpits in trying to pack for our Indonesian Adventure today, so my little Blahg has been hijacked by Rambling Mamma Lori from RRSAHM. And please be aware there is some blue language, but I have no time to edit it down, because if I did then there would be no post left.
Lori is an Aussie Mum Blogger Superstar. If you have not already hitched your wagon to the Random Train, click over to see what all the jellybean fuss is about. She is the real deal.

Serious language warning for this one, folks. Like, seriously serious. The c-word type serious. Don’t hate mail me. You have been warned.

Top o’ the language warning to y’all,

OK. Just this evening A while back now, the Man happened to be perusing EBay. It’s one of his favorite activities. As I’ve said before on Twitter, EBay needs a big scary door-bitch that thinks like a wife.

Anyway. This evening On that night, a while ago, the Man happened to do an EBay search for the word ‘c**t’. He was actually looking for… well… I’m not sure what he was actually looking for, and that point seems fairly defunct* **. What he found was this.

Annnnnd.. an anti-climax because it’s highly probable that link is no longer working because this post has quite probably been sitting in my drafts folder for about three freaking weeks now because that’s how I roll, mmmkay?

Whatever. Aren’t you lucky I took a screen shot?

And then cropped that screen shot, to save your poor ineffective nanna eyes from squinting? (Whaddya mean, not… really?)

Yuhuh. This would be a book called “C**t”. A feminist book. Taking back the word. I’m down with that. It’s not a word I particularly want back, but whatever tickles your pickle.

The bit that really caught my eye, so to speak, was this quote from Bust magazine, God bless their little glossy-print socks.

“C**t does for feminism what smoothies did for high-fiber dietsit..”

Really? Really? I mean, even without the typo, really?

I think someones taking the p*ss.

*Take a good,long look at that word…. looks perverted, now, doesn’t it?

** So to speak. If you know what I mean. See above*.

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  • I would like that Country Road skirt. Now honestly, how many seasons old is it?!

  • THIS POST tickles my pickle.
    I think.
    Wait…do I HAVE a pickle to be tickled?
    You know what I mean, right?!?

  • Maybe I’ve been reading femminist books and blogs long enopugh to have known of the existence of this bookf ro ages.

    But seriously, us women need to get comfortable with the words vulva and vagine before embracing cunt. Too many grown women skirting the word. Vajajay??? FFS grow up people.



    So glad it’s nearly holidays.

  • I studied feminism at uni (yes I sat with all the lesbians and we all wore bad shoes… no not really) so yep, I’ve read it too.

    There’s a great promo shot of it with a naked woman using the book to maintain her modesty – very clever. It’s like holding a UBD of Tassie over your Map of Tassie (I might have done that once on a trip to Tassie).

  • nice…. he he

  • And your husband complains about you being on the computer?

  • I thought I commented – but then think I only did it in my head. Anyhoo, what I said was really profound and interesting and very funny all at the same time. And cearly in my own head.


    Anyhoo, I decided, after thinking about this post some more, that “they” can keep their word as I like to think my vagina is a much better person than some of the people in my life who are c*nts.

    Just saying.

    Also – I’m with you, Fiona. Especially the “FFS grow up people” bit 😀

  • I’m very partial to Mad Cow’s comment. Actually PMSL.

  • Well that wasn’t so bad. The uentionable c-word word was beeped, so it was, you know, unmentioned.

    It was worth it for ‘tickles your pickle’.

    As feminists, why do we have to embrace the c-word? It’s not a word that we made up. If we’ve got one of the world’s female spokeswomen calling it a vajayjay, I think we’re a looooooong way from saying cunt.

    Whoops, I said it.