Resolve Nothing

New Year’s Eve again. Holy crap where did that year go?
2010 was a good year for Woogs. Highlights include;
  • 2 trips to Bali
  • 1 trip to Phuket
  • Jack Graduating from the Shepherd Centre with both ears locked and loaded to start school in 2011.
  • WoogsWorld taking off to heights I could never have imagined.
  • Wonderful contributions from SawHole and a myriad of guest posters.
  • Being syndicated through several cool websites.
  • Watching another year roll over and still, no lines for Nicole Kidman’s ridiculous forehead.
  • Mr Woog and I surviving another year together.
  • Stepfather kicking one type of cancer’s ass while bravely continuing his battle against leukaemia
  • Sister In Law Miss Woog’s move to Paris, signalling a possible trip in 2011 to the City of Love.
And of course meeting you!
Best of Luck to all of of the extended Woog Family out there in cyberspace. Hope your 2011 is going to be as wonderful as mine is going to be. And yes 2011, you are earmarked for big things, so rest up tonight for tomorrow we hit 5th gear, and you better be ready.
Lot of Love
Mrs Woog