What I know for sure

I wish I knew back then what I know now.

My world fell apart when you were diagnosed with a hearing loss when you were 2 days old. I did not know what to expect for you. We spent the first 8 months of your life getting you tested, travelling to great lengths to get second, third and eighth opinions.

I wish I knew back then that you would be alright, great in fact.

I am so proud of you today as you graduate from The Shepherd Centre. And I don’t think the therapists and volunteers there will ever understand the depth of my gratitude.
With their nurturing and insurmountable help, teaching you to listen and speak has been the best gift I have ever gotten.

As we close this chapter and open the next, I do not necessarily wish for great things for you. I wish for laughter, love and adventures for you. Because that is what you have given me.