50 Things you Never Knew about Mrs Woog.

50 Random Facts from the Woog File
  1. I was born in Tamworth in 1973 and spent the first 5 years of my life there, never once attending the country Music Festival.
  2. I am the second child of 5
  3. Out of the 3 breeders in my family, we have 6 boys and one girl.
  4. My father was studying to be a priest when my mum “boom chicky bow wowed” in and stole him from Jesus.
  5. My Irish Catholic Grandmother did not really appreciate my mum doing that.
  6. Parents were divorced when I was 8.
  7. Mr report cards mainly said “Has the ability to do well but lacks drive”
  8. I have chosen this sentence as a life motto.
  9. My son Harry has also chosen this sentence as a life motto.
  10. I was the first person in our family to get a University Degree.
  11. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to get a University Degree, as I can remember being at the uni bar more than the inside of on a lecture hall.
  12. I followed my chosen profession, Primary School Teaching, for exactly 3.2 years.
  13. I love to dance and host nightly kitchen discos.
  14. I sometimes wonder if my 2 kids have the same father.
  15. Not saying I am some sort of ho, they are just like night and day. The only thing similar they share is penis.
  16. I am too far in this list now to change my mind, so am going to take a short break. (proving point number 8)
  17. I love coffee more than tea.
  18. I have struggled over the past year to quit smoking.
  19. I spent 10 years in the publishing industry, at one point I found myself with the title International Marketing Director of a very large publishing house. I had no idea how I got there with a 3 year Primary School Teaching Degree.
  20. I am a good bullshit artist apparently
  21. I met Mr Woog when he crashed my 16th Birthday BBQ. I thought nothing of it. Except he was rude.
  22. I next met Mr Woog at 21 when we fell in love. We have been together ever since. (despite some monumental differences of opinion and some extremely unpleasant arguments which saw me do juvenile things like throw his glasses into the neighbours backyard and throw his blackberry out onto the road. I am a thrower)
  23. I am such a good thrower I played rep softball as a kid.
  24. My mum rocks and can do anything. I have inherited her ability to not take no for an answer.
  25. My Step dad is the kindest and most generous person I know.
  26. My Dad is hilarious and I have inherited his writing gene.
  27. My step mum is my partner in AB FAB like behaviour.
  28. My Mother in Law is a Dietitian and has the Patience of a Saint.
  29. My Father in Law came to Australia on a boat as a refugee in 1957 from Hungary. He is hilarious and has a fondness for food and laughing. He is a Doctor of Philosophy. No shit.
  30. I have a sister-in-law Miss Woog, who lives in Paris and is a suit wearing, ass kicking executive.
  31. I have a handful of very close girlfriends, all of who are like my family. I cannot speak highly enough of them and would go to the ends of the earth for them.
  32. I am not a good flyer, stemming from an incident that saw my behaving like a crazy person after a solo flight from Lisbon to London through an electrical storm which saw the plane hit an air pocket, the oxygen masks dropping, the lights going out and the air hostesses screaming (in Portuguese).
  33. I love all animals apart from snakes.
  34. I do not like mayonnaise, egg, avocado or anchovies. An anchovy, egg and mayo sandwich is my idea of hell.
  35. I like shopping for clothes
  36. I hate shopping for groceries, school shoes and swimmers.
  37. Boring people bore me.
  38. I try to see the good in everyone, apart from boring people, bigots, racists and homophobes.
  39. I drive a ten year old Mazda Tribute which is covered in roof racks, and for a large part of the time, mud and bird shit.
  40. I have brown hair so thick and strong, I swear someone mated with a woolly mammoth back down in the family tree.
  41. Despite this, I skipped the body hair gene that has plagued my sister Mrs Ryan.
  42. I love Italy and am desperate to go there.
  43. I have had 2 cesareans. The first was after spending 3 days in labour in hospital. The second was planned. Despite having large Irish Potato Farming hips, I have a freakishly narrow pelvis.
  44. The first cassette tape I bought was 1982 Out Of the Blue
  45. Growing up I had crushes on Nik Kershaw, Simon Le Bon and Brian Mannix. Later I loved River Pheonix and John Cusak.
  46. I am looking for a story to tell in the way of a novel. Then I will be looking for a Publisher to give me money for it. I know how the industry works, so this might be a pipe dream.
  47. The Legian Hotel is my happy place.
  48. The dentist’s chair is my sad place.
  49. WoogsWorld is my ranty space.
  50. And you have been in my head space!
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