Chinese and Watch TV

When I meet people, a lot of the time they expect me to be Chinese. It is the surname of course, Woog. Which is strange because it is not Woo. It is Woog.

There is a book about to be released in Australia called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. It is written by Amy Chua. It outlines the parenting attitude that Chinese Mothers adopt. Now I am pretty sure this does not relate to all Chinese mums. But Chua’s expectations of her kids are quite astounding. And I think she sounds like a total bitch. Threatening to burn your kids toys is total psycho behaviour I think.

Before I go on, I am remiss to judge anyones parenting styles because you do what you have to do, but I cannot help but jump on this bandwagon. Because it is the absolute opposite of my own style, which is fake it till you make it with a fair bit of guesswork involved.

Ok, so if Amy Chua was your mum?

Schoolwork always comes first

An A- is a bad grade

Your children must be 2 years ahead of their classmates in maths

You must never compliment your children in public

If a child ever disagrees with a teacher, you must always take the side of the teacher

The only activities your children should be permitted to do are those in which they eventually win a medal.

That medal must be gold.

But here is where I really fail in her eyes. Things a Chinese (style) Mother never allows her children to do include the following.

Attend a sleepover

Have a playdate

Be in a school play

Watch TV or play computer games

Choose their own extra curricular activities

play any sort of musical instrument other than the violin or piano.

Harry is having a sleepover tonight, Jack has a playdate right now and both watched a fair bit of TV this morning as I nursed a hangover caused when I left them last night with McDonalds and Babysitter Karen to go out on the tiles with my girlfriends.

I am not Chinese. But I am considering writing my own parenting book called

Mrs Woog’s Way To Wing it.

You’d buy it right?

What are your thoughts on The Chinese Mother?