Coolidge v Hawkins v Byrne v Aniston v Saunders v Craig v Lopez v MFAMB

I like to tackle the big issues here on WoogsWorld.
Recently I polled readers with the following important question.

Who would you rather sit next to on a plane doing the Sydney to London route via Singapore?
So here are the results.

Not surprised and totally delighted that Jennifer Saunders romped the poll. You rock!


Jennifer Byrne is an Aussie Journalist who is brilliant, witty and beautiful. She actually lives near me and gets her coffee at the same cafe. When Harry was 4, he look a liking to her and would quite often sit up with her at her table with her little dogs and have a chat over a babychino. Nice.


One of my favourite bloggers. This is Jenny from My Favorite and My Best. She swears a lot. I adore her and her filth. And it seems like a lot of you do too.


Stifler’s Mom aka Jennifer Coolidge whole face is sponsored by Clarke Rubber. She is bloody hilarious though. Seen Best in Show? Love her, but do not think 24 hours next to her on a plane is up my ally.

Beige Rom Com Princess – bleurgh. She is bendy though and would not wake me up if she needed to climb over me to get to the dunny……


Jennifer Hawkins – I would not want to sit next to ANYONE for that long who pisses in the bath either!




Jenny Craig comes in last. No wonder. She would stare at you when you ordered your 5th mini bottle of champers and bring her own carrot sticks. This proves my point that people who are obsessed by dieting and exercise and dullards and should not even be getting on a plane at all.

Thank you to all of those people who participated in this Poll. It warms my heart to know that people who read WoogsWorld are not morons.

Do you agree with the Poll Results?