Mrs Woog’s Dad Guest Posts

Handing over the reins of WoogsWorld today to my Dad. Enjoy!

Who am I?

As today’s guest, I am referred to in Mrs Woog’s 50 Random Facts from the Woog File in numbers 4 ,6, and 26

I have been “rostered on” in Bali this week.

I am married to the WSM (The Wicked Stepmother – a self designated description)

Now you know.

I am Mrs Woog’s Dad.

I am fully responsible for the maiden surname.

I am (partly) responsible for Mrs Woog being on this earth.

Mrs Woog is a hard act to follow in the writing and creative stakes!

I am trying to come to grips with what could possibly be of interest from me to Mrs Woog’s dominant demographic, which I perceive to be Yummy Mummies.

For example, in terms of product endorsement, there’s not much a 66-year-old can offer this demographic that would be of interest to advertisers (Zimmer Frames, Retirement Homes, Adult Diapers etc).

On the other hand, I could strongly endorse Bintang Pilsener and Deus Ex Machina.

I shall restrict myself to some reflections which may relate to your own dads:

  • I take great pleasure in watching my beautiful grandchildren grow up and experience life’s vagaries.
  • I chuckle at the characteristics the grandkids display – eerily similar to those displayed by their parents at similar ages.
  • I marvel at the patience and sacrifice Mrs Woog and Mrs Ryan and their husbands demonstrate towards their children.
  • I look forward to my son enjoying fatherhood some day.
  • I weep at the grandkids’ misfortunes and rejoice and brag about their achievements.
  • I am honoured to be included among my children’s’ expanded families and circles of friends.
  • I am amused to observe Mr Woog and Mr Ryan deal with my feisty daughters.
  • I am in awe of nature and mankind, and how it all evolves so logically – nowhere better proven than in families.
  • I am inspired by my family to avoid becoming a conniptive curmudgeon (to save all you YM’s going to the Macquarie Dictionary, it means “disagreeable Old Man!)
  • I suspect that I am going to learn much more from all the people mentioned above in the remainder of my life than I ever taught them.

Thank you for letting me share your day, and remember, the only thing you get by looking back in life is a sore neck!

Dad of Mrs Woog