Mundane Alert – School Shoes

WoogsWorld was a hive of activity this morning as it was the last possible day I could achieve the January Goal. And that goal is getting school shoes. I have put it off for a fortnight but in my ongoing effort to become more organised, I knew that I would be a complete failure if I sent the Woogettes to school next week in their thongs. So today was the day.

We were not the first ones there at 8.45. There was already a small group. But they were novices and at 9am sharp the doors opened and the group moved in towards the wall of shoes and the dozen sales staff.

But I went straight for the ticket dispenser that determined who would get served first. I WON. Everyone else realised what they had to do as I scanned the sales staff and made a b line to the oldest lady there. I did not want a newbie “expert fitter” who has to go “check out the back” a hundred times. I needed someone who knew their shit and would assist me swiftly.

Of course we forgot socks.

But that did not deter me. But I had a slight heart attack at this.

Holy Fuckballs! I checked and they were not Gucci, they were Clarkes. I looked with pity at the ladies who came in with 4 kids and wandered if they worked the night shift at some seedy brothel to keep their kids in shoes.

The store was filling up very quickly and my plan to be out in 20 minutes was not going to be achieved. My old lady sales lady was very VERY thorough and because she was top shoe dog, she was often called upon for a second opinion elsewhere.

Jack bought along a friend called Belle and was most well behaved. Harry just did a lot of eye rolling. That is his thing at the moment. And every time he does it my neck muscle spasms.

Did you know some kids hate getting their feet measured and let everyone know by being total screaming brats? I was getting totally fed up when the phone rang. It was Mr Woog calling from Japan saying he was missing us and ready to come home. Then I hung up on him when he told me that his plane was actually arriving on Wednesday NOT Tuesday. He would miss Jack’s First day of school.

So I was pissed off.

Then I looked over and realised I was breaking the cardinal rule of this shoe shop. I left my child unattended on the bench while I was berating Mr Woog. Little old lady sales lady pointed this out to me.

4 pairs one shoes. A small victory. A small heart attack. A heated discussion. A hang up. A broken rule. An organised Mamma.

Tomorrow is Officeworks. Mr Woog if you are reading this, do not call me between the hours of 10am and 11am as I will be up to my nuts in glue sticks.

till then