Perfectly Timed Rant

Regular readers would know that I have been abandoned by Mr Woog for two weeks while he is in Japan. And I am not afraid to admit I am at the end of my fricking tether. Have these school holidays been the longest on record?
Can someone check and get back to me so I can fire off a shit package to Verity Firth.

May I take this opportunity to take my hat off to single mums with small kids out there.

You are amazing. AMAZING.


Also amazing are the folk at Elastoplast who sent Jack a packet of new Disney Princess Elastoplasts as well as some Disney Movies yesterday. (Talk about hitting your target market – why do kids love plasters so much?) It was also perfectly timed. Because I am done. Those DVD’s have been on rotation for 24 hours on the idiot box.

The Chinese Mother would not like me this weekend.

Please tell me how you have coped?

Or if you haven’t….

Or if you are somewhere in between….

PS If you are going to write that every minute spent with your child is like a slice of heaven and I am a horrible mother for counting the seconds before school starts, ummm…. just don’t ok?