Photos from Villa Woog

I have not added any photos from our Balinese Sojourn yet, as I had forgotten my camera (and my hairdryer, not that that would help me with recording this trip but I do perpetually damp hair). But the WSM arrived with her camera and her nifty little MacBook so I am back in the land of the techno living.

The pool and cabana with rice fields. And my Dad staking his claim of the cabana. Day 1 for him so he is moontanfastic.

And the moon tan gene has been extended to Jack here on the right. He has been here for a month and is whiter than Michael Jackson.
The doorway to our Villa. More impressive than our entire house back in Sydney.

Open air dining room and good vantage point for snake watching.

My office and gin drinking spot. Kind of like my own temple.

The neighbours

Some sort of plant. The gardens are like something out of Fantasy Island thanks to our own version of Tattoo, Made.

A day at the Beach.