Sunny Sydney Afternoon trying to kill the Camera

Mr Woog has left me again for a 2 week trip to Japan. Thanks honey. Last time he went you may recall he bought me back a gift of Toblerone from the duty free at the airport. You know one of those big ones? Surely the traditional gift from Japan. They are known for Toblerone.

Anyway, I was sick of staring at my monobrow and felt like torturing myself a bit, so I chucked the kids in the car and went to the Benefit Brow Bar and had the shit ripped out of my face. I feel much lighter as it had been 6 weeks between visits. (Do not even start me on my two toned grey and mouse brown hair – Oh I have let myself go…..)

Then it got all hot and muggy so availed myself to the neighbours pool. Not rude fattist Peter’s pool, but Lovely Sarah on the other side’s pool. She is quite used to getting home in the afternoon and seeing the pool full of Woogs, like Woog Soup. She even had a solar cover installed this summer since I did complain the temperature was not perfect in previous years. She is a gem and I love her (and I know she is going to read this).

Anyway, you know how I am holding a giveaway? The JVC Picsio Camcorder which claims to be waterproof and shockproof. Well I would hate to be considered somewhat of a snake oil salesman, so I took the brand spanking new demo model that had been loaned to me and put it though it’s paces. We repeatedly threw it in the pool in a game of expensive fetch. Click here for the survival tale. The kids were beside themselves with this activity and could not believe I was encouraging them. “Against the wall, throw it against the wall!””