Who won the JVC Picsio Giveaway? And who won a WoogsWorld T-Shirt?

So glad I did not have to choose the winner of the JVC Picsio Waterproof camera, as it would be like asking me to choose my favourite cocktail. I just could not decide.

After narrowing it down to 7, The JVC dudes decided that the winner is MADMOTHER.
You will actually get a brand new one that has not been in our toilet.

Her poem was excellent, witty, included why and how she would use it and it even rhymed! Not to mention coming with a Part 2! All the entries were fab but we thought that due to the time and effort gone into writing the poem she was a deserving winner. A close second was Ejay, who wrote about her grandkids swimming, which was funny but lovely at the same time.

The Winning Entry

I could say I only wanted
To win PICSIO by JVC
But in reality I need it
It is ME proof, don’t you see?
Cause I could blame the kids
Could rant, and rave and vent
About the dunny dowsing,
Or the camera that got bent
Or maybe it was puppy
Looking for things delish
Who happened on my camera,
And dropped it in his dish?

But I think I should be honest
And admit it was all Mum
Yes, I can just own up now
Queen of klutz – I am your one.
They now won’t let me hold a camera,
Or even just my phone
They roar and jeer quite loudly
“You are too accident prone!”
Yes, this is my loving family
And my dearest, close friends too
Who mock my misadventures
So desperately, I turn to you…

Cause if I win this camera,
It sounds right up my tree
The GP-WP10
Is Madmother-proof you see!
When I drop it in our full sink
Filled with water to the brim
I’ll just fish it quickly back out,
And sit it neatly on the rim.
I could take it with me training
For roller derby with my team
It’d have to be quite shockproof
To handle how I’m creamed.
So now you have my comment
On the testing I can give…
Just send it to Madmother.
The best test? How I live

Enjoy this and congrats to you! And Ejay, I am going to send you out a limited edition designer WoogsWorld T-Shirt. They are very sought after you know.
Please email your name and address to [email protected] asap.
And thanks to JCV Australia.