Happy C E A R C C Y R Day!

Today is Valentines Day and all over the city this morning you see men carrying bunches of flowers. And at the end of the day you see the girls, all carrying bunches of flowers. Unless you are single, then you are to be carrying a paper bag containing wine. Which is not a bad option either.
Mr Woog presented me with these this morning.

If you are a flower person, what are they called?

Anyway they are the flowers that feature heavily everywhere in Bali.

He got them for me as the florist is located right next to the coffee shop he frequents each morning. And the florist is hot. So I probably get flowers more often than most people.

So not to be outdone I bought him this.

A jaunty little garden gnome whose foot is already smashed off due to my awkward exit from the Mazda. He is complete with fake moss.

Welcome Doug Woog to WoogsWorld.

May you not meet an early fate thanks to a wayward soccer ball.

And to you I say Happy Commercially Endorsed and Required Compulsory Celebrate your Relationship Day!

Did you score anything good?