Holy Fuckballs!

It is so hot.
Yesterday was an extremely unpleasant 43 degrees where I live, so we packed up the Woogettes and headed out to grandparentland where the pool was cool and the air conditioning was plentiful.
I left the kids out there for the night as I had to attend a dinner with some friends back in the city. As I staggered up the street to the restaurant, I came across a bottle shop and knew what I had to do.
I knew it would be good, but never in my wildest dreams would I think it was that good. And as I stood for ten minutes in that Beer Cool Room, my mood completely changed. And I learnt a lot about different kinds of beer. The sales assistant popped in and asked if I needed a hand. I politely declined and said I was fine. A few minutes later the manager came in and asked if there was anything he could help me with. At this stage I was sitting on a pallet of Victoria Bitter.

Those ten minutes have been the highlight of my weekend and I think I am going back today as well. I may bring my iPod and a folding chair this time.

How are you keeping cool?