Mrs Woog Loves…….

The Woogsworld Readership has finally extended beyond my immediate family.

And now I get sent stuff to look at, play with and occasionally and panicky re-gift when the rare occasion arises.
And while I would never dream of writing about certain products, (and I do get sent some amazingly mundane shit let me tell you) there are a few which I feel compelled to share.

Speaking of Mundane, there is nothing duller than cleaning. Ok, perhaps watching cricket is worse but I loathe cleaning. Loathe. But if you are going to do it, you can ad a touch of glamour and luxury by using Murchison-Hume.

Please stop rolling your eyes. I SAID STOP IT!

Murchison-Hume Premium Housecleaning Products prove you don’t have to sacrifice efficacy, or sustainability for style. But don’t let our good looks fool you: there’s some serious Green Grunt in those gorgeous brown bottles.

Murchison-Hume Premium House Cleaning products are authentically People Safe, Child Safe, Pet safe, Plant Safe, 100% Cruelty Free and never tested on animals.

Kicking it in the style department.

Sent me the whole range – tres generous

It comes packaged rooooly good. And it does not just look pretty – this works! And smells beautiful.

So next time you want to make the Most out of the Mundane, want to give a lovely housewarming gift or have to attend my most dreaded of all events (yep – Hen’s Kitchen Tea) click on and shop online.

Right, the next little gem I want to share came to me via courier last Friday. And who was I to say no to this?

Ghermez Cupcakes are a Sydney Based Bakery that specialises in evilness. I think they must have written about my cupcake frustrations recently and have totally turned me around. Imagine Red Velvet, Orange and Almond, Sticky Date and Vanilla Milk Chocolate. OH MY GOD!

Came in handy last night for Harry’s Sleepover Party. I totally passed them off as my own work.

They are at 329 George Street Sydney, Westfield Bondi Junction and the baking goodness goes on at 112 McEvoy Street Alexandria. Or if you are a lazy sod like me you can order online and have them delivered.
Oh and I always love to shout out about Vodka O! Just because. (also came in handy for Harry’s Sleepever party last night)

Come back for a giveaway soon.

And to counteract the effects of too much Vodka O, these little babies are a must have.

Magneteyes Under Eye Algae Mask! I keep them in the fridge and they take away my bags and reduce my puff. I wish they made a whole body version. Buy them here.

I am very happy to review Business Class travel and 5 Star resorts as well.
The End.
or is it?