My Shit List

Some blogs are filled with flowers and recipes and uplifting messages.
This blog is not one of those.


Ok so we are now in, is it Day 4 of a heatwave in Sydney? I am losing track of time. I have not slept well. Mr Woog came back from Japan on Wednesday and immediately started to complain about the heat. I gave him a look that shrivelled his balls. Only I can complain about the heat here. I wander the house looking for the cool spot but there is none. He actually suggested I go to Chatswood Chase today to get in the air con. That was a first. We have long overstayed our welcome at our neighbours pool, but we now just accept the fact that we are rude and politely nod to them as we dive in. Air conditioning quotes are on their way. Heat, you are on my shit list.


Watching the news has never been so depressing. First off the content is very doomy and gloomy at the moment with all of the natural disasters befalling Queensland. Not to say most of the journalists standing in spray jackets getting pelted by Cyclone Yasi can barely string a sentence together that does not include at least 3 cliches.

The New Country Road Catalogue

Beige, bland and boring.

grey + puce + charcoal + stone = puke

If Mr Johnny Cheesecake Face and his wife Muffy von Stratchy Ear showed up at my place for dinner, I would poison them for sure.


ok, yes already mentioned that

Back to School Costs

Remember when we used to get $50 from the NSW Government to go out and buy one school shoe at the beginning of each school year?

President Hosni Mubarak

Dude….. take a hint!


Wilson Woog is in hospital having tests at the moment but things do not look good for our furry boy. Or my bank account.

And Who is on top of my Shit List this week?

What a pack of ass-shats. They are ineffective and interbred. And to top off their continual list of disasters, they are cutting funding to my beloved Shepherd Centre again. The Shepherd Centre runs the Early Intervention Program for hearing impaired children and is known throughout the world for it’s ongoing successes and research. There are 8 week old babies with hearing aids on waitlists. It is a bloody disgrace.

Oh and Mark Latham. Tool.

Just when you thought it was all done, he pops his head up out of his hole and says something stupid. Italic

Have I forgotten anyone?