A Retail Sale Tale

I have a habit of taking a photo from magazine pages of things I may like to purchase in the future. Bit like a mood board or something from The Secret.

Like this.

I loved these. Until I flicked over to the next page and saw an ad for the shoe company. It gave me the total shits so am boycotting shoes from Steve Madden.

Steve Madden promoting a healthy body image… tool.

My heart skipped a beat when I spied these in Shop Til You Drop.


But our universes never aligned and they remained out of my wardrobe. Which is a shame because I loved them and would have taken really good care of them.

But this is a tale of the perfect retail storm. When all the stars align and great rewards came from the most mundane of tasks. I quite often used to wonder about people who went shopping on Thursday nights. I always figured it was gangs of teenagers and a smattering of perverts. I mean why would you choose to shop when you could be watching Grey’s Anatomy with a goblet of wine? Turns out people with kids in school who require new ballet shoes before Saturday need to take advantage of late opening hours. So I packed up all the Woogs and off to Westfield we went.

Now in certain shops I can have a physical reaction. And not always in a good way. Like the other day I had to buy some new drinking glasses. So I went to Victoria’s Basement where as well as selling drinking glasses, they sell total shit like this.
And it took all my power not to take to the display stand with my handbag. But Victoria’s Basement is scary for a girl who is not known for her grace or elegance. The narrow isles are piled high with glassware and it is very unnerving to move about in.

The other place that is not great for a girl who is not known for her grace and elegance is Bloch’s Dance wear. But is was here that I ended up last night with an elated Jack and 2 very disinterested other make Woogs. To drop some more cash on children’s activities. Because I love doing that that you know.

Because of my swarthy and potato farmer like build, it was quickly and correctly assumed by the sales staff that I was not to be their object of attention.

As they fitted Jack into new ballet shoes and a spanking white new leotard, I gazed about thinking when was the last time any of the tiny staff had darkened the door of the local Maccas. Then I spied something……. could it be?

I had taken this photo last November. I have a thing for snakeskin and flat shoes.

One pair was left. My shaky hand turned them over. Yes. They were my size! But wait! There’s more good news……

No. I am not kidding. Check out the red sale price!

It is what happens when the retail gods are smiling down on you. And they are on my feet as I type and I am in love! And to think I bought something from Bloch?? Am feeling very tiny and dainty and ballerina like.

What about you? Bag any good bargains lately?