This little blog of mine

I has been blogging for a little over 12 months. I started my blog about a year before then, wrote a few times then in typical fashion, got distracted by shiny things. A friend put me back on the writing path and since then, my blog comes first, shopping second, eating third and then my family.

I have a background in education and publishing. I have written children’s books you will not find on any best sellers list. I gave up work when my second son was born with a moderate hearing loss. It was a blessing in disguise in a way, as I was able to focus on him and his brother and Oprah much more. Both kids are at school now and I am ducking and weaving trying to find excuses not to go back to work.

I think blogging has saved my sanity. Blogging has bought wonderful friends into my life. Blogging has given me confidence. Blogging has made my family cautious about what they do around me. They do not want to end up ON THE BLOG. Blogging has kept me out of the shops and has given me an excuse not to join any Parent Committees. Blogging has taught me discipline. And has taught me about myself.
Blogging has switched my brain back on after the wonder years of raising toddlers. Blogging has opened doors of opportunities all over the place. Blogging provides an avenue of releasing things that may have bubbled away and festered in me previously. Blogging has become a powerful new media stream, and I have a ticket baby.

People ask me all the time, What are you going to do with your blog? I think it is a strange question. Take it out for dinner? Ultimately I blog for myself and no one else. And the day it becomes a pain in the ass will be the day I stop. And take up Pilate’s.