The totally tipsy Vodka O winners are….

Randy selected Michelle Knows and Laree Throsby as worthy recipients of a bottle of the finest Vodka in Australia. Mix it up with crushed ice, pink guava juice, top it with soda and I will dare you to disagree with me.

And the Vodka O chicks thought that Glowless was a hands down winner with this poem. Very clever!

O’ how I love thee, Organic Vodka O
I sip you in a cocktail while I playing the O-boe

A charcoal filter, pure water and whey,
Then four times distilled is he O-nly way,

For a drink made in this fine nation,
To receive a well-deserved standing O-vation.

I share with you a Passion for Purity
So I’d spread the word of your brilliance, it’s a surety.

I’m O-ver the moon with your great taste,
When you’re in my hands, there’s definitely no waste,

In my O-pinion ‘tis a fine, smooth drink,
So I raise my glass for a little clinky-clink,

If I win I’ll be making cocktails with flair,
And keep in mind, Mrs Woog, that I share

Totally Nommy.

Please email me your name and address to [email protected] asap before I get my grimy mits on your prize.

And thanks to ASM Liquor. Keep up the good work!