Woogle – Part One

When you are a blogger, you sometimes get invited to do things. Like climb the Harbour Bridge and write about it. (passed – I have an issue with trying to preserve life). Or eat cupcakes and write about it. (hands up – thanks). Or sample the new offerings from a liquor company and write about it. (umm yes). Or use a new type of washing powder and write about it (pass zzzzzzzzzzzzz).

And then you also get invitations for companies and ad agencies to pick your brain. These usually come with a free lunch, so more than not I go along and see what is on offer.

So when I got issued with an invitation to go to Google and partake in such a session, I could not refuse. I mean it is GOOGLE. FUCK. Google! They host this site so have the power to shut me down with one key-stroke so I had better be on my best behaviour today.

They have invited me and uber-blogger Eden Riley of Edenland to come chat about all things blogging. We have done these type of gigs before and have ended up just talking over the top of each other. Eden also likes to say “fuck” a lot and I am not sure how that is going to go down with the Google Dudes today. I may take a gag for her. I was also wondering about this sentence from the Head Google Blogging Dude. It is making my palms sweat just thinking about it.

“In terms of the session, I was thinking we could do it like a fireside chat. The three of us would sit up front and I would just ask you questions – tell us about your blog, how and when you got started.”

I almost wrote back asking if I should take my slippers and a pipe but I do not want him to think I am a total idiot. Thank god he does not know I thought the meeting was actually last Monday, a realisation I made while travelling to Google before turning around and coming home. DOH.

Going to Google is a bit like going to God, if you are anyway religiously inclined. I mean it is GOOGLE! I am already a bundle of nerves. Did I mention sweaty palms? I was speaking to Eden last night and she was all like “Do you think they will be nerds?” and I concluded that they would be all Gen Y groovy Google types who will be staring at these two old housewives on the stage thinking about the lunch hour they are missing out on.

I wonder if there will be lunch provided?

Will let you know if I survive going to Woogle, I mean Google.